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Role of the Not-for-Profit  Board,

A Continuous Evolving Process

Presented by:

Steven Pratapas, President,
Pratapas Associates, LLC
Jody Gauthier, Partner, and
Karen Courney, Senior Consultant,
Wolf & Company, LLP

We invite you to view the 60 minute webinar presented on December 2, 2011, which focused on the role of not-for-profit Boards in meeting the current and future needs of the organization as it moves through various life cycles and stages. At these transitional times,the Board’s role, governance structure, and expectations of members need to be readdressed.

Our mission is to provide a personalized consulting approach and proven practical solutions that help not-for-profit organizations establish solid resource development programs for long-term growth, independence and success. Our primary focus is fundraising campaigns, board and volunteer leadership development programs and organization effectiveness.

We take each client’s situation and specific qualities into account, building on their existing strengths while introducing “universal best practices” that help foster growth and success.
 Pratapas Associates, LLC has a proven track record of success in assessing organization needs, building existing and new revenue streams, providing  capital campaign development and counsel, facilitating executive searches, providing interim staffing leadership, and strengthening board and volunteer leadership development programs and performances.

We care greatly about our clients' success, by offering them:

Customized, pragmatic solutions to assess their organization’s particular resource development needs.

An effective hands-on and interpersonal consulting that enlists participation and motivates boards and staff.

Results-focused progress, measurable outcomes, and the highest level of professional expertise during every phase of the project.

Experience in helping grow and develop organizations at the community, state and national level.